• Custom PEV 02


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    Custom Personal Electric Vehicle PEV 02 Built to your specifications

    The PEV 01 was built and customised to order based upon a a recycled Cyclamatic Power Plus Frame to the following specifications

    • Hydraulic front suspension forks with lock outs
    • 160mm mechanical front disc Brakes
    • Throttle control plus PAS
    • Max Speed 35mph - No Limiter - Not suitable for use on public roads
    • Front & Rear lights
    • Battery 1500 Watt Pannier mount with key switch
    • 1500 Watt Rear Voilamart Hub Motor
    • Single Speed
    • 180mm mechanical disc brake
    • Rear Pannier Rack & satchel bags 

    Assembled in the UK made from at Least 50% Recycled Components 

    For your custom PEV build please contact me at sales@langardirect.com or +44 (0) 7398 424570