• Flexi-Disc Rotary Sander Pro Pack


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    Flexi-Disc Sander/Grinder/Sharpener/Polisher Pro Pack - 75mm (3") & 125mm (5") 

    Gives a superb finish on wood, metal, fibreglass, car body filler and all hard materials. 

    The flexible shaft removes vibration and allows the sander to be used flat on the surface giving a better finish than most industrial belt and orbital sanders

    The fast rotation speed achieves sensational results in a fraction of the time normally taken by conventional sanders. 

    This versatile tool will also sharpen chisels, plane blades, lathe tools, axes and garden tools without the rapid overheating of normal abrasive wheels. 

    The top quality corundum discs are so hard they can sand and polish glass and marble and last many times longer than conventional discs.

    The pro pack contains

    • 1x 125mm Flexi-Disc with 4 mixed sanding discs
    • 1x 75mm mini Flexi-Disc with 3 mixed sanding discs
    • 1x Hand mitten
    • 1x Polishing cap
    • 1x Polishing sponge
    • 1x Cleaning Rubber