• Stainless Steel Multi-Function Awning Rail Stopper

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    Multi Function Awning Rail Stoppers Pack of 2

    Stainless Steel Multi-Function AWNING RAIL STOPPER The Awning Rail Stopper with endless possibilities 2 pack multi-function Awning Rail Stoppers 6mm barrel manufactured from light weight durable alloy and stainless steel mounting eye. The stoppers are designed to hold the awning fabric securely in place and also to prevent movement of the trim guard during transit, however thanks to the 5mm mounting eye there are 100s of uses. Will fit most awnings rails, the device is simple to use no special tools required!

    • Tarpaulin Support
    • Awning Marker
    • Washing Line attachment
    • Windbreak support
    • Hanger for fairy lights etc

    Barrel Aluminium all other materials stainless steel.

    Manufactured in the UK

    By Hudson Logic